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Mark Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. firmly believes that innovation is the key to progress. It’s a myth that ONLY the sales that drives any business. In fact, it is the continuous enhancement of the product and its capabilities, the ways of developing the product and providing solutions that improve the bottom-line, all of it combined with an aligned sales and marketing effort builds the business into an empire. Simply put, helping customers do things in a better way is the need of hour and that’s what innovation truly means.

Cadec+ Foundation:

Cadec+ Empower

Cadec+ Xpress

Cadec+ Mechano

Salient Features

Configurable for any custom designed product family

CADEC+ can be configured for any custom product family by capturing the product rules.

CADEC+ is complete programming less software, one doesn't need to worry about the programming required to automate the product.
CADEC+ captures the complete knowledge base of the product.
CADEC+ can be easily linked with ERP system thus achieving CAD-ERP Integration.

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